Welcome to the Europe of cross country

Thanks to Karhu we will portray cross country’s noble efforts at the European Championships in Turin

“Cross country was a wonderful life thrill and it meant sporting truth to me”. The words of two-time world champion Paola Pigni encapsulate the essence of cross country. Thanks to Karhu we’ll have the opportunity to portray this magical sporting universe: we’ll do it in Turin, in the sublime natural setting of La Mandria park, where this weekend we’ll cover the 2022 European Championships. Mud, cold and fatigue will accompany editorial and visual testimonies of the best continental athletes of this discipline, showing us the most different nuances of cross country and its protagonists. Follow our social channels to discover images and thoughts connected to a sport that has continued to write pages of athletic mythology for centuries. Because cross country has never stopped being as democratic as it’s fascinating. Because cross country has never stopped representing noble sporting truth.

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Text by Gianmarco Pacione


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