There is no absolution

Luis Resto at 57 is given it up, no more games for him

Billy Collins Jr. went into the corner with his face bashed in he still couldn’t believe it that he could end up this way the undefeated the Irish hope and pride his father sustained him with a gentle embrace.

Luis Resto the victor slowly he crossed the ring and kissed him tenderly sadly he realized that he’d betrayed him that he’d betrayed himself when he saw that Collins was doomed because of the punishment he’d inflicted on him.

He was remorseful he wept he weeps now there’s no price for what was done to betray
an innocent and at the same time to be betrayed by someone who was close to you by someone who said they loved you like a son “it didn’t matter to me anymore whether I lived or died” because there are times it isn’t enough to repent there is no absolution.

I’ve done wrong and they’ve done me wrong he’s thought ever since and thinking makes you slow and it’s not enough to have asked for forgiveness to carry everything inside all this pain to have thought of it every night of putting an end to it all to have nothing to live for to always see Billy’s face everywhere to be condemned to have served one’s time and be spent finished ever since.

Resto walks he tries to hold his head high but his gaze is long and empty lowered on the little ball that he always holds in his hand Resto walks he tries to begin again but he can’t find a reason he’s fifty-seven years old now like an inconsolable child he’s given it up seriously no more games.

Luis Resto vs Billy Collins Jr.
16th June, 1983


PH Alessandro Simonetti
TEXT Gabriele Tinti


April 2, 2020

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