Junior Banger Racing

Cars that collide, smell of gasoline. They are more than children, they are pilots

Junior Banger Racing is a motorsport event for 11-15 year olds where old scrap vehicles are raced against one another. 

Whilst the vehicles are usually otherwise destined for the scrap yard, the young drivers put a lot of work into preparing their cars for each race.

The high-octane races create an exciting atmosphere filling the senses with the smell of fuel in the air and the sounds of roaring engines as the drivers pass by. The crowd watch in anticipation, cheering the drivers on as they race and crash into one another.

In the film we speak to four young drivers about their experiences racing in the sport.


Directed by Jack Flynn and Nick David

IG @jackisflynn
WEB jackflynn.co.uk

IG @nickdavid
WEB www.nickdaivd.co.uk

March 27, 2020

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