The documentary that compares 6 captains, 6 cultures and 6 world dreams

The documentary ‘The Chosen Few | Captains,’ produced in collaboration between FIFA and Netflix, was recently released. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Andre Blake, Brian Kaltak, Hassan Maatouk, Luka Modric and Thiago Silva are the 6 protagonists of this journey through locker rooms, stadiums and completely different countries, united by one goal: the participation in the Qatar World Cup. Nothing is superficial within this production that takes us on a discovery of football cultures and entire societies through the testimonies of these captains so different in pedigree and status.

Gabon, Jamaica, Vanuatu Islands, Lebanon, Croatia, and Brazil: this heterogeneous selection of places and personalities allows us to look at the World Cup journey with other eyes, to understand the weaknesses, pride, and reflections that accompany these men-symbols of entire nations. These focuses, spread over 8 episodes, give equal importance to all the protagonists and use the football element to describe much broader dynamics: from the Yugoslavian war and the tragedies of the last Lebanese decades, to the beauty of discovering the world through football, starting from a small island state in Oceania, from the enormous desire to represent an African nation and see it evolve thanks to virtuous sporting examples, to the effect that migration flows are having on the ‘Reggae Boyz’.

That’s why ‘The Chosen Few | Captains’ makes it onto our Watchlist. That’s why this product should definitely be watched before the Qatar2022 kickoff.