The Netflix series celebrating rugby and its most legendary event

The famous Welsh actor Richard Burton defined rugby as “a wonderful show: dance, opera, and suddenly the blood of a killing.” And the magnificent spectacle of rugby reaches its climax at its most legendary act, the Six Nations. Following the example of similar formats focused on other sports, in ‘Six Nations: Full Contact’ Netflix visits the behind-the-scenes of this mystical event and portrays its atypical characters.

Freddie Steward, Finn Russell, Ellis Genge, Marcus Smith, Sebastian Porter, and Sebastian Negri are just some of the human mountains exposed by the US platform’s cameras: war machines who share muscles and pain, but also insecurities and atypical existential paths. Private lives and mythological stages, such as Twickenham, alternate in a tasty documentary series populated by ordinary superhumans, personal memories, collective emotions and locker room beers. ‘Six Nations: Full Contact’ is a necessary dive into rugby culture, a production capable of bringing mainstream audiences closer to a precious sport and its varied personalities. That’s why it rightfully enters our Watchlist.



Gianmarco Pacione