Netflix chronicles the life of the most extreme and controversial goalkeeper in football history

“Football is like life; you go through good and bad times”. The trailer of ‘Higuita: The Way of Scorpion’, a new Netflix series dedicated to one of the most iconic goalkeepers in football history, captures in this sentence the essence of a human being as controversial and criticized as he was spectacular and loved. René Higuita was the most extreme definition of a goalkeeper. Colorful, reckless and unconventional, the saves of this Colombian juggler appeared as continuous profane miracles and challenges to tradition.

Genius or madness, the boundary between these two aspects has never been define in one of fútbol’s most exotic artists, capable of theorizing the immortal signature move of the ‘Scorpion’ and scoring over 40 goals in his career, while he was a Pablo Escobar friend, a cocaine user and even an intermediary in a kidnapping. Nothing has been crystal clear in Higuita’s life. Too much, surely, has been dark, or rather obscured by the magic of his personality, trademark flights and reckless tricks.

Perhaps it will be Netflix, going back in time and delving into Higuita’s turbulent memories, that will explain to us the real way of Scorpion. For now, we can only recall his mystical figure with a gallery of images.

Text by Gianmarco Pacione

Photo credits: IMAGO Magic / HJS / Buzzi