Marmöl 2024 is the latest evolution of a unique Gravel celebration

Dust. Quarries. Light. Marmöl Gravel’s cycling celebration is back along with its unique features. We are in Brescia, we are in the home of Botticino marble. We are where times and pace cease to be essential, making room for the sharing of beauty. Among these stones, on these tracks capable of combining natural imagination and human effort, Gravel shines in its purest and most convivial meaning.

The Mille Miglia Museum, a mystical place of Italian and international automotive history, is the perfect epicenter for this Marmöl edition and its recent evolutions – a symbolic starting and finishing point that defines the essence of this event: an ordinary epic, an individual and collective journey that is sublimated by the connotations and morphology of hypnotic views.

On a warm Sunday morning, nearly 600 cyclists start to ride. Twice as many as last year’s edition. Some come from around the corner, others set out at dawn to be here. All of them embark on a smiling journey, divided into two tracks of 80 / 60 km. But statistics don’t matter. They are a mere data that vanishes in front of a community that wants to celebrate itself, its creative sensibilities, and an eclectic, relaxed communal vision – as organizer Niccolò Varanini explains.

“When I started Marmöl, I never imagined that it could evolve like this. I knew there was some potential, but events are unpredictable, just like babies. And Marmöl is my son. This year we started from the Mille Miglia Museum, it was definitely an organizational choice, but I think it’s important to introduce Marmöl participants to my city and its most iconic places. I don’t want the quarries and tracks to be detached from Brescia. And it’s honestly great to say, “Let’s start from the Mille Miglia Museum” – the Freccia Rossa has never ceased to arouse fascination. At the moment Marmöl is an Italian event, we are proud, because we’re a reference point for the Gravel movement in our country. This year about two hundred people didn’t come because we ran out of places, next year we will try to increase the numbers, without losing our attention to detail. In the future we might envision a further evolution into an international event…. We’ll see!”