In Vibez Golf Club, progress rhymes with style, new generations and pars

Jordans, tattoos, dreadlocks, hip hop music & golf; many may think there is an odd one out in that combination, but Vibez Golf Club (VGC) is changing that perception. As a group made up of members from cities across the United States, VGC has a goal to bring the game to communities who have historically been left out of the sport. With co-founders including NFL stars like Melvin Gordon & Dare Ogunbowale, they also see golf as a vessel for opportunity for the next generation; they want kids to know they can pursue it if they want, just as many have with football and basketball in the areas where they grew up. Most importantly, as another co-founder, Noe Vital, puts it, they want anyone to be able to “come to the course as themselves and walk off the course as themselves.”

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