The physical, mental and visual journey of Runaway and its crew, a film shot and directed by Achille Mauri in the heart of the Death Valley

The Death Valley desert is a crossroads of mystical and material forces. Every sensation is heightened, every perception shifted, every vision becomes a mirage between Santa Monica and Las Vegas. It is the mirage created by running in one of the most hostile places on the globe, it is the mirage of 548 kilometers populated by toil and courage, it is the mirage of The Speed Project, a physical and sensory challenge open to 70 international running crews.

‘The Mirage’ is the refined short movie that Achille Mauri (featured on the cover of Athleta Magazine Issue 8) dedicated to this hot odyssey, following the contemporary, yet epic exploits of the Milanese crew Runaway. This visual project, supported by Diadora and overseen by Mental Athletic’s creative direction, translates a painful 48-hour wonder into images, a deep dance of reality punctuated by cacti, relays and irrational resistance that also involved our recent interviewee Floriano Macchione.

You can watch the full movie here. Enjoy your viewing. Enjoy your Mirage.