The digital artist who wants to find the meaning of reality

Welcome to Felipe Posada’s Invisible Realm: where depth becomes surface, where thought becomes landscape, where dream becomes truth. And vice versa. The universe studied and created by this digital artist is full of inspirations, sensations and rhetorical-visual figures. His visionary graphic compositions are the result of a single, highly complex objective: to give meaning to reality.

“Making the invisible visible: this is the statement that sums up my work. It describes the desire to understand reality. To produce my art, I dive into my subconscious and try to reassemble it in this magical world: I mix reflections, intuitions and humour, creating visual metaphors. Many of the subjects do not follow the usual rules of reality, but the concept of the Invisible Realm goes beyond the senses: it is not something we see, it is something we feel”

Felipe is a creative artist who is torn between his native Colombia and New York, the city where his creativity exploded, between his past in the world of advertising and his present in artistic production. He was originally an engineer in search of an author, a young migrant looking for the right academic path: a path he found thanks to a master’s degree in computer art.

“I always knew about my artistic soul. When I was 19, I was a confused engineer, I was not fulfilled, so I decided to go to the US and explore new horizons. I applied to an art school in Savannah, Georgia, where I started a master’s degree in computer art. There began the second chapter of my life: what would later evolve into a career in motion design and digital creativity”

It was the early years of the new millennium, a time of feverish technological ferment, of embryonic study of the potential of computer graphics… A Wild West in which Felipe soon became a household name, a master coveted by studios and companies.

The core of his work anticipated what would later become his artistic modus operandi. Having to work on advertising storyboards, Felipe used to create quick collages, combining ideas and visions. Felipe was guided by personal taste, magazines and readings, and then combined all these factors to propose projects to companies. Today he repeats the same processes for purely artistic purposes.

“I reached a point where I felt fulfilled, but also empty. I would look at my portfolio and see all those magical worlds…. I had only created them for advertising companies, nothing was really personal. So I asked myself: why don’t you make art? Putting together art for myself, and not for others, was a cathartic experience. Then I started posting my work on social media. It all happened very quickly, suddenly I had followers and attention, it was encouraging. With my background, I also knew how to manage the various series and editions, so I kept working on this project”

And the Invisible Realm project led Felipe to indulge solely in art. Today, his works are observed by thousands of curious eyes, they are making the transition into NFT and, at the same time, continue to pose questions about the meaning of reality. To do so, they also rely on sports imagery, as the gallery of images published here shows.

“The sporting act is definitely a source of inspiration. I am particularly fascinated by the human anatomy in motion, by giants such as El Lissitzki and Moholy Nagy, artists who focused on this theme: a theme that was also studied by the Bauhaus school. Thanks to these various influences you will always find elements and references to sport in my works”

Felipe Posada
IG @the_invisible_realm

Text by Gianmarco Pacione