Positivity, sharing and well-being, the Japanese brand's new collection as told by ASICS FrontRunners

Spread positivity and move the minds through movement.The new ASICS ‘Celebration of Sport’ collection is based on these concepts, elevating the essential role of running and physical activity in the mental and physical well-being of every individual. A multi-product line consisting of ten shoes, it encapsulates the heart and soul of the brand, radiating through a distinctive yellow color scheme and a series of technological enhancements developed in the laboratories of the Institute of Sport Sciences in Kobe.

ASICS FrontRunners Thierry Adjetey, Cecilia Sabbadini and Riccardo De Anna serve as narrators for this new aesthetic and communicative chapter for the brand. Their words highlight the futuristic features of the SUPERBLAST 2 PARIS, the iconic Gel-Nimbus 26 and Gel-Kayano 31, and the intrinsic philosophy within these products: the idea of celebrating sport through movement, whatever it may be, and transposing the founding phrase Anima Sana in Corpore Sano into a modern environment.

‘SoundMindSoundBody’ to ‘Move Your Mind with ASICS’. Running, for ASICS, continues to be much more than physical exertion for its own sake. It is synonymous with inspiration, liberation and sharing, as Thierry, Cecilia and Riccardo reveal. 

What does running mean to you? And how does representing a brand like ASICS make you feel?   It’s a brand that’s so rooted in history but also so attentive to progress and innovation.

Thierry Adjetey: “Running is more than just exercise; it’s an activity that lets people get in deep contact with themselves. Through running, I can discover new facets of my personality and overcome my limits, not only in sports but also in everyday life. It’s a time for introspection and personal growth, an opportunity to challenge and constantly improve myself. A brand like ASICS amplifies this experience, allowing me to live my daily passion to the fullest. Through the ASICS FrontRunner community, the brand gives me the opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about the sport and those who want to get into it for the first time. ASICS creates a bridge between my personal growth and the opportunity to share this passion with others, further enriching my running experience.”

Cecilia Sabbadini: “For me, running is freedom and lightness, a way to free my mind from the challenges of everyday life. Running has often taught me that I can make it on my own even when I think it’s impossible, but also that some goals are more easily achieved when you’re surrounded by the right people. But you have to commit, bang your head against that wall, sweat bullets to achieve every little goal. It applies in life just as much as running. Seeing that I can do it on one side lets me be the woman I am on the other. For me, it’s really an honor to be able to represent a brand like ASICS that is a standard-bearer for how movement can positively influence and change everyone’s attitude. I think all the feelings I have while running are perfectly embodied in the brand’s ‘SoundMindSoundBody’ philosophy. Whenever we move our bodies to the fullest, sweat and run, we’re happier. Within that feeling of happiness and lightness you find everything.”

Riccardo De Anna: “Running means taking a space for myself and clearing my mind of the day’s efforts. It allows me to feel good about my body, using that fatigue to feel great peace and satisfaction. Running is also a continuous challenge with myself; a way to set continuous goals by giving myself direction. Being within ASICS as a FrontRunner for me is a source of great honor and privilege. The very name of the brand conveys all the deeper meaning that sport has for me, a meaning that really comes out in ‘SoundMindSoundBody’. Moreover, to be able to spread such an important message through the meaningful campaigns it offers, that’s just great. Every day this brand makes me happy and proud to be part of this group.”

This campaign is accompanied by a claim with a strong meaning: ‘Move Your Mind with ASICS’, ‘Free Your Mind with ASICS’. What does it mean for you to free your mind through running? And what role do ASICS products play in this?

Thierry Adjetey: “‘Move your mind with ASICS’ for me is going beyond the usual patterns that associate running or physical activity exclusively with performance. It means fully experiencing the benefits that are both physical and mental. By freeing the mind from clichés and expectations, we can truly enjoy all the benefits that running gives us. ASICS, with its products that are perfect for all types of runners, ages and experience levels, offers everyone the opportunity to get into this sport. In this way, running becomes accessible to anyone, allowing them to discover and experience the benefits of a wonderful sport.”

Cecilia Sabbadini: “Freeing my mind means unloading that burden of everyday life. The moment I go out for a run, I can live fully in the now, concentrating and devoting myself completely to those moments I’m living. It’s amazing how my thoughts take a different form at the same time, coming out clearer and more rationalized. Running helps me put my thoughts in order. I believe that in order to move freely you have to have products that can cater to your needs, that can offer you maximum comfort, and that allow you to express your characteristics to the fullest.”

Riccardo De Anna: “There are days that are so busy and tiring that putting on a pair of shoes is my only solution to store order and lighten my mind. There are days when I am pensive, I have a thousand questions on my mind, and only in a run can I find the best answers. Like a session with a psychologist. But on other days, I go out for a run to not think at all. I can bring order to thoughts, lessen worries and find answers. Through the excellent comfort and lightness of ASICS products all this is easier and less tiring.”

In the collection, the theme of shared positivity is also powerful, as well as the collective serenity that running conveys in its various forms. As a runner, how important is the sharing of training, experiences and races with other people? And what reflections or feelings does this ‘social’ role of running bring to you?

Thierry Adjetey: “On social media, I try to share my vision of running and communicate the depth of the well-being it gives me. I tell about my running experiences, my workouts, my challenges, and my races, trying to reach out to all kinds of enthusiasts, as well as those who have never tried running. Running is for everyone, and every time I see someone try it out, I feel a great satisfaction.”

Cecilia Sabbadini: “The social component of running is so important. I think that sharing helps people see the benefits of movement and can inspire them, motivate them to take a step forward for their mental and physical well-being. I really hope that sharing workouts, experiences and races can be an additional incentive for those just starting out. And I think it is key to communicate what’s behind any successful goal to those who have the same passion as you. I try to do that on a daily basis. That’s really important to me. Even when you come out on top at the end, it doesn’t mean that path was easy. Sharing your experience will motivate other people to continue to persevere on their path to achieving their goals.”

Riccardo De Anna: “If life is nothing but a series of experiences and relationships, running has provided me with the absolute best of both. Sharing is essential because it allows you to split the fatigue in half by lessening the burden of training with a common goal, achieving it through mutual support. A race, event or training is like a journey, and it’s better when shared. For me, the human relationship in running is fundamental because it allows me to have new experiences, learn about different perspectives, and go in search of new realities. Running, like all sports, has great social and educational value for me. On the one hand, it is a powerful source of social inclusion and integration, and on the other it can educate people through unique and profound values such as equality, discipline and respect for different cultures. It’s capable of breaking down stereotypes, and uniting people. On a personal note, I believe that good sports is about being surrounded by beautiful people. And if we think about dialogue, sharing with each other and carrying out projects through a common passion, you can’t really achieve anything truly unique without the right people. With this in mind, I think running makes you better.”

Comfort, energy, calm. The new ASICS technologies set out to impact performance and real statistical data as much as the sensory perception and emotional sphere of each runner. What weight do the ‘intangible’ factors have on the ‘tangible’ outcome?

Thierry Adjetey: “I am convinced that emotional well-being has a direct impact on the results we achieve. Whether it’s a daily training session or an important competition, having a peaceful mind lets us express our potential to the fullest. When our mind is free from worry, our body can move with greater fluidity and effectiveness. ASICS understands this connection, and strives to put comfort at the center of its footwear, ensuring that every step is imbued with energy and support. I feel that the quality and innovation of ASICS shoes help me improve performance, but they also keep me calm and focused on the activity I’m doing. That way I can fully enjoy the experience.”

Cecilia Sabbadini: “In my opinion, they have a huge impact. I think new technologies have the power to positively influence the emotional part of an athlete, enhancing self-awareness, safety, and self-confidence. All of that implicitly impacts performance and statistical results.”

Riccardo De Anna: “I believe that the technology of a shoe can provide more confidence and composure in a runner’s performance. Several studies have now shown that comfort, energy return and propulsion are fundamental factors when choosing the right shoe. The knowledge that I have the new ASICS technologies on my feet during a training session or race fills me with confidence and positivity. So, I believe that intangible factors like perception and emotionality carry significant weight and heavily influence the more tangible ones like performance.”