From Joga Bonito to Pepsi Far West, the most iconic videos of the Brazilian 10 par excellence

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet.” March 21st is no ordinary date, because on March 21st, 1980, the football oracle Ronaldo de Assis was born in Porto Alegre. Ronaldinho was more than a number 10; on the field he developed the ultimate expression of Brazilian imagination, turning tricks, skills and no-looks into charming and functional works of art. His football was a smiling carnival that, inevitably, managed to influence pop culture and the imagery of brands and companies, changing their creative communication. This selection of commercials featuring the so-called “greatest showman in the history of football,” proves it to us: iconic and unforgettable videos, capable of withstanding time and any trend. Enjoy.

Joga Bonito – Nike

Crossbar – Nike

Shuffle – Pepsi

The Wall – Heineken

Footbattle – Pepsi

Play 10 – Nike


IMAGO / Insidefoto

Gianmarco Pacione