Awareness and running came together in the heart of Helsinki on a special day dedicated to the Baltic Sea

“It is extremely gratifying to see runners and people who care about the Baltic Sea. ‘Baltic Sea’ is a new event for the John Nurminen Foundation; this is the first time we are connecting our actions and projects to running. We are happy to be here thanks to KARHU. The fact that all these people have dedicated time and energy to our sea is exciting. The most beautiful thing about the event is the connection between all the participants, between so many people who did not know each other before today, but who share the same will.” The ‘Baltic Sea’ event is encapsulated in the words of John Nurminen Foundation representative Erkki Salo, as well as in the active presence of the participants in this day of marine education shaped by the virtuous synergy between KARHU and the JNF.

The Karhu Store in downtown Helsinki welcomed runners and people concerned about the condition of their sea. “In Finland and throughout Scandinavia, we cannot swim after mid-July because the Baltic Sea fills with green bluea algae” Salo continues, “visibility is zero and the water smells bad. These are clear signs: the Baltic Sea is not well! However, if we reduce pollution and increase our attention it will be able to recover and to heal on its own.”

Hope is the central theme of a day dedicated to marine preservation, structured between in-depth speeches by the Foundation and a symbolic run that touched the coast of Helsinki, as well as the eyes and minds of its inhabitants. “KARHU’s focus on this issue is very important,” Salo concludes, “Through this kind of events we are able to give a voice to nature and the sea. At this moment in history, we are fighting for our sea, but also for the planet’s sustainability. KARHU is a beloved brand in Finland, part of our country’s history, and is also able to inspire so many people around the world. Thanks to its efforts and platforms a lot of people will be reached by these messages.”

Our images help the narrative of this pivotal event. Here is a gallery of the Baltic Sea Guardians who painted the streets of Helsinki with their bodies and ideals.