New Netflix series ‘BECKHAM’ allows us to celebrate a cult aesthete, celebrity and footballer

The release of the Netflix series ‘BECKHAM’ is the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to an icon who has left an indelible mark on both football history and aesthetics. And beyond. The dual identity of Beckham, painter of brilliant trajectories and pop star, perfect midfielder and global celebrity, has long divided public opinion, but never left any doubt about the natural communicative power of the Londoner adopted by Manchester and the ‘Red Devils’.

Jorge Valdano wrote that “Beckham is two people in one: he is one person when he is playing and another in daily life. Off the field, like certain Patagonian birds, he takes a dump with every step. But during the ninety minutes he shows qualities of concentration, participation, self-sacrifice, solidarity, and a shot that manages to address where he wants”; Diego Armando Maradona, on the other hand, described him as “Another one too pretty to go on the field. Although he is very much into his Spice Girl, sometimes he finds time to play and he does it well, very well…. With the United he won everything, but he owes something to the national team.” Two coincidental thoughts that define the essence of the current Officer of the Order of the British Empire and owner of Inter Miami CF, as well as multifaceted entrepreneur, meteoric rise.

Because Beckham was simultaneously 7 and ‘Spice Boy’. 23 and ‘Galácticos’. He was his Adidas Predators and the sequence plan of his free kicks. The platinum blond hair and the stylistic evolution. A beauty sensation. A walking advertisement. A winner for every club, but a looser for many Englishmen. He was, quite simply, one of the most influential and sought-after athletes in modern sport, a star capable of changing every market law and demarcating an entire football era. Beckham is still continuing his own marketing and business masterpiece, defining year after year the (also controversial) chapters of his aesthetic legacy

The series ‘BECKHAM,’ directed by the Oscar-winning Fisher Stevens, explains the origins and evolution of this mass phenomenon that, at 48 years of age, has yet to stop dictating standards and trends. ‘Becks’ legacy, however, is not made up of only lights and successes, but also goes through humble beginnings, the dark side of fame, depression and personal obsessive-compulsive disorder. Every perfectionist, after all, hides cracks. And every legend is created through difficulties, misunderstandings, failures and moments of weakness. As this series will show you.


Photo Credits
Uwe Kraft
Action Plus

Text by
Gianmarco Pacione