Rich Maciver’s camera enters a mystical place for water sports

On the Montjuïc promontory in Barcelona, a water sports paradise has existed since 1992. It is the Municipal Pool, originally created for the famous Catalan Olympics. Over the years, this stretch of water overlooking the ‘City of Counts’ has become a global water polo temple. Scotsman Rich Maciver’s camera allows us to scan this unparalleled space and connect with the 320 athletes who recently took part in the BIWPA Barcelona Water Polo Cup: a celebration of agonistic water polo that involved 19 teams from 6 different countries. Faces, details, moments of play and celebration alternate in this reportage populated by headsets, strokes and Gaudinian panoramas.

Credits: Rich Maciver 
IG @richmaciverphoto
Text by Gianmarco Pacione