LVMH's sponsorship of the upcoming Olympics is just the latest leg of a long journey where luxury is synonymous with victory

Victory, like the production of an object, is the result of an inexhaustible repetition of movements. And every athlete, just like a craftsman, is the creator of a continuous succession of actions devoted to triumph. In ‘Artisans of All Victories,’ the concept coined by LVMH that links the luxury group to the sporting imaginary, athletes and artisans share more than just a common role. According to this creative-competitive vision, sportsmen and luxury masters share a flair, a thought and an innate as well as learned talent for creating dreams.

‘The art of creating dreams’ represents the group’s mission in the universe of the XXXIII Olympic Games, the third Parisian chapter after 1900 and 1924. And exactly a century later, the Olympics represent a new and renewed opportunity to exhibit to the world the value and quality of the French capital savoir faire.

The same savoir faire that Luis Vuitton and the entire LVMH group share, and which they’ve decided to sublimate with a unique sponsorship. 150 million euros, three maisons-LV, Dior, and Berluti-as well as Sephora and Chaumet, with the beauty brand being promoted to official partner of the Olympic torchlight run and the historic French jewelry company being chosen to produce the medals.

This sponsorship makes the group and its brands a bridge between fashion and sports, confirming a special connection that is rooted not only in a growing trend, but also in a unity of purpose – artisans and athletes, both engaged in a constant and irrepressible quest for perfection.

The athletes selected by LVMH for Paris 2024 embody the value and spirit of the luxury group, and are summed up by the title ‘artisans of all victories,’ representing the luxury that is synonymous with victory, dreams, perseverance and tenacity. Léon Marchand, Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, Enzo Lefort, and Pauline Déroulède have become the perfect faces to convey the bond between the French group and the sporting element. They are the ambassadors of a mentality that step by step, leaves everything behind with the sole purpose of pursuing the greatest results.

The same great achievements that Luis Vuitton has been coasting for more than 30 years. Because the brand’s relationship with sports and its symbols has spanned history, marking the most coveted moment for every athlete: reaching a trophy. Football, rugby, sailing, tennis, basketball and Formula 1: V for victory is also V for Vuitton. Trophy trunks made by the French brand have long encapsulated the entire essence of effort, sweat, sacrifice, suffering, joy and recognition that are part of every winner’s journey. And for the brand born in 1884 in Asnières, which is inextricably linked to the experience of travel, celebrating the most iconic moment in sports seems natural.

The Ballon d’Or and the last four football World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018, and 2022) have traveled in an LV-branded trunk, just like two of the last rugby World Cups (2015, 2023) and, since 2020, the Larry O’Brien NBA trophy.

But Luis Vuitton’s history in celebrating sporting triumphs has far more distant origins. Indeed, in 1983 the French brand sponsored the selection regatta between the America’s Cup winning team and its challengers: the Luis Vuitton Cup. The luxury maison has always looked with enthusiasm to the nautical tradition, collaborating with the America’s Cup itself over the years to create the iconic trunk of the world’s oldest international trophy.

The trophy cases handcrafted by the artisans of the Asnières atelier, with a technical and creative effort that can sometimes exceed 400 hours of work, have always been customized according to the type of cup they were intended to contain. One of the most iconic examples is undoubtedly the Davis Cup: in 2019, the trophy was presented at the final round of the men’s tennis World Cup inside a circular trunk covered in the unmistakable Monogram Mocassar canvas and embellished with numerous leather details. Equipped with a giant base, the chest is one of the most iconic testimonies to the Parisian brand’s mastery of enshrining the symbols of sporting success. In tennis, Luis Vuitton has also made the trophy cases for Roland Garros and, more recently, the Australian Open.

The French fashion house’s universal experience also led it to collaborate in the world of motorsport, first with the 24 Hours of Le Mans and then with Formula 1.

In the world of sports, Luis Vuitton’s role is not just tied to the epithet “keeper of victory”. Because in the vision of the maison, as well as in its DNA, the value and importance of travel are ingrained. Even in the sporting element, the exaltation of a journey takes prominence by celebrating that set of stories and moments that go beyond the one component of triumph. Rivalry, strength, style, legend, evolution. In the shots and campaigns of the French brand there is all this and more.

Some tangible examples are Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi who on the eve of their last World Cup play their last and most important chess match, sealing the greatest antagonism of our time, or Carlos Alcaraz who in a marriage of fashion and style exhibits his baggage of equipment and memorabilia crossing the boundaries of tennis, becoming the symbol of evolution and a journey just beginning. From those destined to become legends to those who are already the face of sports epics, such as Lebron James.

Any fusion of sports and luxury is, for Luis Vuitton, an exaltation of style. A style that is not only aesthetic, but also athletic: the savoir faire that every sportsman holds. Like Eileen Gu, freestyle skier who was chosen by the fashion house to tell the imagery of the iconic Luis Vuitton Twist.

LVMH x Paris 2024 marks not only the largest economic commitment to support a sporting event for a company, but also the natural evolution of a relationship that for Luis Vuitton has always represented throughout history an intersection of excellence. A crossover celebrated movement after movement in the Asnières atelier exactly as it is on the playing fields around the world.



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