The best drug, for some men, is running into the wild

Petter Lundgren is a long distance runner and this is his quest to reconnect with nature. In a world where everything always goes too fast, he tries to reach inner peace while running. LSD stands for Long Distance Running but more commonly refers to drugs. This is the basis of the narration, indeed, some runners tell us that after a long run they often reach a kind of second state, an inner peace. They are suddenly more connected to their environment, the wind on their face, the sound of the ground beneath their feet, everything seems to fit together as one.

“When I’m in nature, I’m with my body. I listen, I feel, I hear and I keep focusing step after step. I feel significantly insignficant. I am in tune with myself, with nature. We are one. Today, everything is so fast. Everyone is always reachable and connected. You have notices on your phone. Mail and messages are pouring over you. All this contact in the digital world makes me feel numb. When I run, no one can reach me. Long slow distance allows me to more intimately know myself, in all states. My best and worst self. Running for me is a way of recharging, affording my brain and body some repose from the numbing effects of that aforementioned digital world. It gives me the ability to come back and give more”

These are the words of Petter Lundgren. Here you can travel with him thanks to the cameras and the evocative production of David & Douglas in partnership with the brand Satisfy.


Directors David and Douglas
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Runner Petter Lundgren
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Brand Satisfy Running
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1AC: Maxime Bobet
Music: Ultimate Spinach
Sound Designer: Augustin Bretillard
Editor: David & Douglas
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