Even in Vannes, a small French town, american football is more than a contact sport

Knights in armour, helmets that clash, English slang… American football is more than a contact sport, is a conflict against ourselves and against the opponents, a tough battle which requires a great team spirit, mindfulness and constant preparation.

In the dressing room we get ready, we get dressed, like before a medieval battle: ankles, wrists, heads. Music loads us, launches us towards the green lawn. We apply black paint on our cheeks, it’s like a war, you know.

The Mariners of Vannes are ready to start the season on a winter Saturday night. They will have to win eight games for reaching the national play-offs.

The goal, right now, is to be on the field, face to face with the enemy, with the ball ready to be thrown and contested into the French skies.

Maxime Le Pihif’s vision in monochrome of american football in the small French town of Vannes.


Maxime Le Pihif

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