A winter trip in the Moroccan surf

The photos and words by photographer Niccolò Cozzi lead us to a land that is both far and near at the same time. They transport us to atypical beaches, populated every winter by European surfers in search of a paradise behind their home, in search of a place that, just a Mediterranean away, can allow them to ride the perfect wave.
Enjoy the reading.

Imsouane is an old fishing village located in the southern part of Morocco on the Atlantic coast.

In this place there is no history, there are no buildings to see, the beaches are not swarming with tourists. The only people present are men who spend their time fishing.

“Why come to Imsouane?”, I asked a surfer who was accompanying me. “I was here in the summer, but they told me that the waves are better in the winter”, he replied, “The ocean works better”.

Imsouane is one of the favorite Moroccan spots for European surfers during the winter season. Here very long waves are formed, reaching 800 meters in length and 6 meters in height.

Dozens of surfers every day cross the stones, litter and the buildings under construction with the table in hand, surrounded by stray dogs. They arrive at the port, dive into the sea among the fishing boats and wait.

With Europe’s low temperatures, many surfers move to nearby destinations: destinations with milder temperatures. This work aims to be a first step on a journey to discover the winter waves. Because surfing is not just a summer sport, it’s a non-stop necessity.


Photo & Text Niccolò Cozzi
IG @nic_cozzi