Ghosts in the London night, welcome to the Midnight Half

The Midnight Half, was a first of its kind race in the UK. It was a checkpoint style ‘scratch’ running race with no set route, starting at midnight in on Halloween.

Unconventional in many ways, secretive, unauthorised, and starting in the ghosting hour. The exact starting location and checkpoints unknown till the evening of the race.  At HQ, a warehouse in Hackney Wick, East London, the 100+ entrants are huddling around the map and route projections on the wall trying to figuring out ways to navigate running 13 miles through the winding streets in the darkness that will follow, for some in unfamiliar territory. A handful of hardcore entrants travelled from USA, where the race concept itself was brought in from, into Uk by founder Joe DiNoto and David Trimble, known for the Red Hook Crit bike racing scene which started out in New York City.


Matt Ben Stone
IG @mattbenstone

August 19, 2020