Culture and community, songs and colours. A journey in the unique world of South American fans

Football in South America reaches the pinnacle of sacredness. Whole lives and communities revolve around the ball: a sacred and, at the same time, profane cult. Peter Erdahl began his journey in Ecuador between vibrations of excited curves and men deeply connected to their favorite teams.

“It was in Ecuador where my love for football and photography collided. Initially focusing my attention on the footballers, I soon began to realize that my passion for photography truly came out when capturing the cultural aspect of the game”

His eyes traveled through the colours of the boiling Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Argentine and Chilean stadiums. A cultural cross-section of peoples capable of loving viscerally the local clubs. Sweaters, scarves, flags, seats that quickly fill with rhythmic dreams and songs.

FTBLITO is the reflection of the South American soul, of the spherical god who brings together, week after week, amazed followers, of a world that can be fully understood only from within, only with a “Dale!” screamed out loud.

“At FTBLITO our motto is, ‘Little Football. Big Impact.’. By focusing on the importance of the community and cultural aspects of football in South America, we have an opportunity to affect positive change for the game as a whole. Our goal is to not only bring our followers along into the South American football culture, but also provide them stories and content on news that matters to the footballing community at large”


Peter Erdahl