A timeless, faceless challenge. The challenge of the sea

Meditate. Meditate in silence. It’s the shouting of the sea. It’s the faintest of rustles, the most intense of screams. So empty, so full. So cryptic, so intelligible.

Its ancient language permeates every inch of your skin, every part of your being. Finite and infinite bathe the shores of your consciousness, making them restless, delivering them to cyclic, latent meditation.

Sentence after sentence, breeze after breeze, the sunset finds ecstasy in the dawn, the thought breaks into the dance of a flock, takes on its form, forced to whirl in an essential nothingness.

Observe. Observe in silence. It’s the appearance of the sea. In the distance a pair of sails are fighting. The hulls slide, propelled by the most mysterious forces, the imagination slips, abandoned to a timeless, faceless challenge.

Hands that touch the sand, the only tangible sign of the vital condition, the reflection of the body on the shiny quay, an abstract portrait of what you could be, of what you’ll never be sure of being.

The wind blows, an impassive and guttural wind, forcing those boats to an archaic, passionate rite. It seems an intimate liturgy, an evanescent search for primacy.

Intimate and evanescent, like those words you are listening to, like that liquid profile you are observing. Like the place you are living in.

For this editorial, garments from the North Sails spring/summer 2021 collection were used, a collection dedicated to the America’s Cup and produced with recycled materials and innovative technologies designed by the American brand to pursue its commitment to environmental protection.


Photographers: Rise Up Duo
IG @riseupduo

Stylist: Elena Castellani
IG @helendisantolo

MUA/Hair: Marcela Bantea
IG @marcelabantea

Model: Leonardo
IG @leonardodesplanches @elitemodelworld

Model: Marusya
IG @marusya_maruru @selectmodelmilano

Casting: Laura Motta
IG @simple_ag

Copy: Gianmarco Pacione
IG @g_pachulia