The 130th anniversary of Genoa Cricket and Football Club and its faith is on Prime Video

In Italy’s evocative football scene, the bond between a team and its city is transcendent and, in some places, can turn into an ode to passion and unconditional faith. “Genoa Anyway and Everywhere” is available on Prime Video: a hymn to the endless symbiosis between Genoa Cricket and Football Club and the Superb city of Liguria.

This movie, the brainchild of Emotion Network developed by Dude Frames in collaboration with Genoa CFC, goes into the hearts and souls of Genoa fans, revealing the true meaning of the ancient, magical and revered Griffon family. “In the most terrible moment of my life, Genoa saved me.” This journey between emotional phrases and cyclical sentiments connects human stories, united by the same desire to believe and hope in the longest-running club in the Italian football universe.

“Genoa Anyway and Everywhere” paints the irrational adventures and dreams of a part of the city that thinks and breathes in unison, and it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the 130th anniversary of a club and a fan base that has never ceased to cherish and pass on an eternal tradition.

Last weekend, during the warm-up of the Serie A match against Lazio, Genoa players wore for the first time a jersey that pays homage to the waves of the Ligurian sea and sponsors the film itself. For this kit, DUDE Design and Kappa were inspired by particularly symbolic details: mooring ropes and the elegant, mythological lines of the Griffon.

This creative combination revolves around a shared ideal: the Rossoblu soul of Genoa will continue to pulsate, loud and proud, “Anyway and Everywhere.” We can understand this every week, looking at the stands of the Luigi Ferraris. Now we can also observe it in PrimeVideo and Glauco Canalis’ pictures.