Jack Flynn and Bullfrog’s images and the words of Rapha testimonial Duke Agyapong explain the essence of two wheels

Cycling can speak of oppression and freedom, depression and relief, anxiety and escape routes. Cycling can be a tool to wear down, as well as to evolve the human being. After all, we are talking about the narrative sport par excellence. Because every ride is a tale to be formulated and disseminated inwardly and outwardly. Between hills, plains and inclines, cycling ends up shaping reflections, analyses, fears and personal satisfactions. Some of them can be controlled, just as you can control times and frequencies. Others are more complex, deeper, they are seemingly unanswerable questions, they are fractures that appear irremediable, experienced on the wheel of fate, of the emotional sphere, of your own vibrations.

Jack Flynn and Bullfrog Studios has dedicated a shortfilm to these human and cycling nuances, directing, along with creative production, poet, cyclist and activist Duke Agyapong. This London-based rider, a Rapha testimonial, has risen to international prominence as a communicator of the relationship between mental balance and cycling. His testimonies are able to inspire, to open up new perspectives, to break through boundaries, to unlock new, introspective pathways for anyone who feels the need, especially getting up on the pedals. The film was presented at a special event organized by Rapha that focused on the relationship between mental health and sports. Enjoy it.

Directed by : @jackisflynn
Creative Production : @bullfrogstudios
Featuring Duke Agyapong
Text by : Gianmarco Pacione