Embracing Muay Thai to defend yourself from the outside world, then discover yourself as a champion. The fighter Jay Counsel in the shots of David Hendrick

Jay Counsel is an Irish professional fighter, Muay Thai national champion. His approach to the world of martial arts didn’t come through a simple suggestion. Jay has decided to change himself by entering the gym, to remove demons and nightmares resulting from the physical harassment suffered in the city center of his Dublin.

“I promised myself that no one would ever rob me or make me feel helpless”

A self-defense project immediately transformed into boundless love. Transport for competition, for the noble and exotic art of Muay Thai… In a few years Jay Counsel has conveyed his anger in awareness and strength.

“Sometimes I just hope someone tries to rob me, just to be able to kick him”

David Hendrick, an Irish photographer based in Copenhagen, has decided to represent Jay’s character and deeds, visually deepening the thoughts that accompany the Dublin fighter in all his training sessions.


David Hendrick
IG davidhendrick_