Running and environmentalism. Sporting and human greatness. Nike narrates the inspired wills of the greatest marathon runner in history

We are no longer in control of what has passed, but we can control where we are now and where we are headed to”

The ‘What Are You Working On” series, branded by Nike, takes us on a tour of Eliud Kipchoge’s special universe. The legendary Kenyan marathon runner is portrayed in his Kaptagat community during his return from the last Tokyo Olympics, an event that gave him his second five-ring gold and further embellished a sports legend status.

In this evocative production, the air of home allows Kipchoge to reflect on his family’s past and future, his sincere willingness to work on his own farm, his intense and all-encompassing relationship with running, and especially on environmental issues: topics that are particularly relevant to the 42-kilometer all-time king. Kipchoge through his own Foundation has decided to plant 50 thousand trees in his land, with the intention of leaving new generations much more than just a sporting example.

Enjoy this fascinating short film, a true personal testament, and listen to the inspired words of this man capable of combining running philosophy and human profundity.

Talent Eliud Kipchoge
Photo & Video Nike
Text by Gianmarco Pacione