Matt Ben Stone’s lens met the eSC Skootr Championship and the world’s fastest non-motor sport

Try combining the concepts of cycling criterium and motorsport, then add the electric component. We’re talking about the eSC Skootr Championship, a brand new specialty that is marking the underground culture of speed and propelling it into the future.

Matt Ben Stone’s lens portrayed the debut London stage of this new sport, where eight lightning-fast laps decide a single race in a few blinks. Inside the Printworks space, a warehouse converted to an oasis for DJs and nightlife, the convulsive silence of these rapid two-wheelers hypnotized onlookers and celebrities (such as some MotoGp riders and Olympic athletes).

Between smoke and dazzling lights, this photographic series focuses on the relationship between sporting event and scenic context, enhancing the energy released by the combination of clubbing and racing, beats and acceleration, shaping sensations experienced only in front of a video game, at least until now.

Credits: Matt Ben Stone
IG @mattbenstone
Text by Gianmarco Pacione