Our journey into the imagery of sports culture has reached its tenth iconic chapter. To celebrate the historic milestone of Athleta Magazine Issue 10, we have dedicated our cover to a legend, Mike Tyson, and the fine lens that followed him, Lori Grinker. The dialogue between photography and sports continues in Alex F. Webb’s contemporary aesthetic and its evocative relationship with climbing, as well as in Alexander Aguiar’s shots on tennis, dedicated to the vibrant rhythms of the US Open. The journey stops over to pay homage to a decisive event in Italian football history, the Napoli Scudetto, portrayed in all its folkloric glory by Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli, and with the universe of glitter and athletic sensation of NCAA artistic gymnastics, depicted by Regina Koko. A special editorial, produced in collaboration with Woolrich amongst the frosty Icelandic waves, and a report focusing on the fusion of running and mythology on the Faroe Islands take us up north, thanks to the images of Rise Up Duo. We then touch down in another continent, Africa, to explore the evocative tradition of fire-eaters in Ghana with Tom Ringsby, and we conclude our globetrot by admiring the aerial dance of the Ponte Brolla divers through Tom Farmer’s visuals. Here at Athleta Magazine, we’re always game to take you on a journey where sports, art, and culture intersect, to a printed oasis where photographic ecstasy becomes the medium for examining society, athletic beauty and timeless stories. All you have to do is give in to the muse.




The Ninth Issue

Athleta Magazine Issue 9 is a new celebration of the sports muse, its social value, its infinite narrative power, and its relationship with contemporary photography. For the first time, our print journey begins with two different covers. The first is the work of Nils Ericson, while the lens of Rich Wade decorates the second. ‘Game on’, the traditions and rites of passage of American high school football, on one side, and ‘It’s all fake, right?’, the brutal marvel of deathmatch wrestling on the other, are both gateways to this new chapter of our independent publication. Sacrifice, redemption, and resilience accompany us inside the Eastern New York Correctional Facility, where Joseph Rodriguez’s legendary camera captures an unusual yet startlingly relevant bodybuilding contest among inmates. The statuesque bodies of the ‘Forced Reps’ reportage echo an ocean away in the centuries-old, mystical ritual of Iranian wrestling, described in ‘Zurkhaneh, the House of Strength’ by Konstantin Novakovic.

Passion and athletic goals are ageless in ‘Mastering Time,’ our ode to the heroes of World Masters Athletics, and priceless in ‘Fairway Tertulia,’ Joseph Fox’s visual gallery focused on the popular and democratic golfing greens of the Madrid neighborhood of Fuencarral-El Pardo. Lucia Elen Ayari’s ‘Young, Noble Art’ takes us to the fraught suburbs of Catania, where boxing can become a tool for emancipation and hope. From scorching Sicily to freezing Wisconsin: the land of lakes allowed MT Kosobucki to discover and analyze the fascinating sport that combines wind, sails, and sub-zero racing in ‘Ice Sailors’. Finally, the editorial ‘Back in the Days’ that explores breaking, underground Milanese culture and Tommy Biagetti’s photographic flow, is the final piece of our ninth issue, the first with a double face.

The Eighth Issue

The relationship between man and nature, man and community, man and his own sensory individuality. All framed by sports cultural imagery. Introducing Athleta Magazine Issue 8. The cover painted by Achille Mauri’s lens is followed by the first story ‘I Want To Live In Real Madrid,’ a journey by Alessandro Simonetti through the boiling dunes of Fuerteventura, which have become a football center for African migrants. Dunes that become an inner landscape in Giuliano Pugolotti’s ’Inner Dunes,’ an evocative visual essay dedicated to desert ultratrail. Natural element that also returns in ‘Una Inmensa Stepa Verde,’ where Achille Mauri’s contemporary photographic poetry is exalted in the outdoor context. Two wheels are sublimated in multiple ways in the double reportage ‘Ice & Fire’ by Eric Scaggiante/Niccolò Varanini and ‘No Temas, Somos Los Chilangos’ by Jeoffrey Guillemard: on the one hand we observe the fascinating sporting pain of cyclocross, on the other we investigate the social value of the Chilangos Lowbike Club México, a community that uses the connection between art and cycling to eradicate the scourge of local crime. From community to community, from Mexico City to Venice Beach, where women’s empowerment is amplified on the ‘There Is No “I” In Grl’ skateboards, portrayed by Giulia Fassina. We then converse with Charlie Dark and Sanchia Legister, a pair of London-based creatives who in running and yoga have found the tools to change their own and others’ lives, and with Virgil Dey, an internationally renowned b-boy and performer with an anthropological and cultural view of breakdancing. The Julien Da Costa’s editorial shaped by the crossover between American football and Parisian fashion ‘Easy To Pick Up, Hard To Put Down’ is the final piece in this new Athleta Magazine chapter: the only place where sport is art and culture.

The Seventh Issue

Muscles and thoughts, quick and endless journeys, sports poems. Athleta is here again, with a brand new look and the usual desire to penetrate the imagery of sporting culture. The cover signed by Neil Gavin introduces Athleta Magazine Issue 07 and the New York ‘Stomping Grounds’, urban cathedrals consumed by hands and muscle-ups. The same hands that embrace the Basque boulders of Harri Jasotzea: a tradition that merges, an ocean away, with the divers of Acapulco, ‘Los Clavadistas’. From history to history, from tradition to tradition. The feeble levers of the Kenyan runners of ‘Home of Champions’ move as fast as the ruined metal sheets of the Demolition Derbies, messy sanctuaries where rural America finds its paradise. The ‘Atlas Race’ is another rural paradise, an exterior and interior journey through the evocative Moroccan desert: a sensory itinerary recreated, thanks to the artistic power of skateboards and basketball, in the urban slides of ‘Riding the Floating City’ and ‘Ballin Somewhere’. Issue 07 also takes a leap into the future, into the engineering marvel of Rizoma, the atelier of motors, the place that combines high-tech and elegance. Enjoy the ride.

The Sixth Issue

We’re excited to present our Sixth Issue! Athleta Magazine Issue 06 is available now on for international customers, on for Italian customers, and in select stores next week.