From northern Italy to Birmingham: pay homage to the history of Brooks with a modern Odyssey

Going back to the origins. Discover and rediscover a centuries-old history by riding in the heart of Europe.

Brooks England has announced the Brooks Roots Journey, a ‘modern odyssey’ that will involve three cyclists and will make them travel along the Old Continent. From northern Italy to Birmingham, three weeks of human adventure and sporting effort that will lead the participants to a finish line full of charm and meaning: the Brooks factory in Birmingham, where everything began back in 1866 and where all the leather saddles of the British brand are still produced today.

Craft tradition and innovation, cultural analysis and eternal challenge to the natural element. Anyone can be selected for this ‘homecoming journey’ by applying at

The 100 kilometers covered daily in total self-sufficiency will be monitored by a team of content creators and the journey will lead to the creation of a special publication. Because in Brooks’ vision, going back to the origins means storytelling, it means the narration of the past through the present.


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Text Gianmarco Pacione