Athleta Magazine will be Media Partner of the event combining running and marine sustainability

A day of running and awareness dedicated to the Baltic Sea will take place in Helsinki on March 25th.

KARHU and the John Nurminen Foundation, two outstanding organizations united by their shared, deep-rooted Finnish identity, are joining forces in the ‘Baltic Sea’ event to fight the increasingly dire conditions of this precious marine jewel. Eutrophication, biodiversity loss and disastrous levels of pollution are the reasons behind this special day celebrating marine sustainability. They are also the fundamental themes around which the entire ‘Baltic Sea’ program revolves.

All participants will gather at the KARHU store in downtown Helsinki, where they will first be audience to a speech given by representatives of the John Nurminen Foundation and then participate in a symbolic walk/run that will reach the shores overlooking the Baltic Sea. The virtuous message of the day will be reflected in a unique T-shirt designed by KARHU and produced by Pure Waste, a Finnish company and pioneer in sustainability. Proceeds from the T-shirts will be donated to the John Nurminen Foundation’s marine conservation projects. KARHU will also introduce a new line of running shoes inspired by the rich colors of the Baltic Sea, collected within the special ‘Baltic Sea’ pack.

Athleta Magazine has the pleasure of being the Media Partner of the event, and in the coming weeks we’ll be listening to and spreading the voices of those driven by our same will to improve the conditions of the Baltic: runners, activists, and ordinary citizens who hold the preservation of their sea at heart. For this reason, they’ll be supporting the ideals behind ‘Baltic Sea’ with their concrete actions and inspiring words.

Photo Credits: @KARHU