Gestalten and Cam Honan’s book takes us to one of the most fascinating places on the planet

Suggestive amphitheatres of ice, colourful villages soaked in tradition. Himalaya is an astonishing blend of nature and civilisation. A prehistoric landscape where time seems to stand still. A natural temple guarded by a few privileged custodians who try to ensure that its sacredness is respected in a historical period characterised by mass tourism. Himalaya, home of the snows, has conquered the imagination of mankind for centuries.

A slow pilgrimage to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The constant inner need to test our own limits. The nuances of hiking are potentially infinite: Cam Honan knows this well. In his thirty years career, he has crossed 56 different countries, covering more than 96,500 kilometres. His latest book, created in collaboration with Gestalten, takes us on a journey of discovery through some of the world’s wildest and most fascinating territories. A literary and photographic trip that starts at the source of the Gange river and crosses 5 different countries.

Annapurna, K2 and Everest are undoubtedly some of the most intriguing peaks in the Himalayan Mountain territory. The first two, sadly infamous for being man-eaters, continue to attract every year thousands of hikers from all over the globe. They are all driven by the possibility of accomplishing a feat that has so far only been achieved by a select few. Conquering all the 8848 meters of the Mount Everest, the ‘Goddes Mother of the World’ as it’s known in Nepalese culture, is without doubt one of the dreams of every mountaineering enthusiast. The itineraries proposed by Horan are well detailed, with numerous firsthand tips that allow to plan excursions according to everyone’s needs and abilities.

Anuj D. Adhikary, Wanderlust Himalaya, Gestalten 2022
Pete R, Wanderlust Himalaya, Gestalten 2022

In addition to the naturalistic aspect, the book also offers an interesting focus on the cultural dimension of Himalaya. Bumthang district is a small concentration of villages in the northern heart of the country. A precious gem set on the slopes of Chura Kang, that jealously guards the secrets of yathra cloth, the first defence against the freezing Himalayan winter. Even today, the women of the village meet every day under the same roof and with their skillful hands create unique garments in terms of materials, geometries and colours.

It would be reductive and unfair to reduce ‘Wanderlust Himalaya’ to a simple guidebook. Combining particularly effective storytelling with simply breathtaking shots, Cam Honan and Gestalten give the reader the impression of travelling even from their comfy armchair at home.

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