Where sportis art and culture


Athleta Magazine is a photographic and editorial project developed by Athleta Lab. A physical and digital ode to the athletic muse, divided between the poetry of print and the incisiveness of daily communication.

Our philosophy is reflected in this dual soul, encapsulated as much in our independent magazine distributed worldwide as in the constant creation and sharing of topical content delivered daily on our digital platforms.

Athleta Lab is a media company. But more than anything, we are a team seeking to inspire and be inspired by sports imagery, radiating our diverse expertise in fashion, design, art, photography, aesthetics, and storytelling. Our creative network guarantees knowledge and credibility in developing editorial and commercial projects, curating social and marketing strategies, and dedicated consulting to individuals, communities and brands. Athleta Lab is fusion and exploration, focusing on global trends and dynamics, where sport is a starting point and creativity is its culmination.


Giovanni Gallio

Photo Editor

Sara Capovilla

Managing partner

Max Menegazzi

Fashion editor

Senior project manager

Federica Vilio

Content/Text editor

Gianmarco Pacione

Project manager

Elena Botti

Photographer/Graphic designer

Riccardo Romani