From Best to Ronaldo, and beyond. Manchester United and Adidas celebrate the legacy of the magical number 7

Numerology has always been an irrational science related to football, capable of outlining and defining legendary figures and timeless myths. Mysticism, identity, responsibility. Each number has its own meaning, each number has its own tradition and value. At Old Trafford, the number par excellence is and always will be the 7. That’s why Manchester United and Adidas have decided to celebrate a legacy introduced by George Best’s blessed and cursed left foot by grouping together the most iconic 7s of the Red Devils past and contemporary imagination.

Intelligence. Consistency. Skill. Speed. Speed of the mind. Score. Top left. Red. It’s got to be Red. 7.

This rhapsodic poetic composition begins the wonderful and intimate video produced in Football’s Theater of Dreams. From Bryan Robson to Eric Cantona, from David Beckham to Cristiano Ronaldo and Ella Toone, the first woman to collect and pass on the magic of 7… The testimonies of these key figures extol the power and influence of what continues to be much more than just a number, describing its relationship with the United people, the football universe and the city of Manchester, described by ‘The King’ Cantona as the place par excellence of numbers 7: where the law of creativity, freedom and lightness prevails.

Anecdotes and reflections. Memories and hopes. Enjoy the video produced by the synergy between United and the brand of the three stripes to penetrate this legacy destined for eternity.

Credits: Manchester United e Adidas
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