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BUSTED! : A day at the William Hill Darts Championship

The PDC World Darts Championship (or William Hill Darts Championship as it is commonly known) stretches out over a month and takes place at the iconic Alexandra Palace in North London.

It is one of the two professional darts championships that the sport holds annually. The sport is a pub staple. Played by anyone old enough to hold a pint, local games ending only when the player’s level of inebriation makes them a threat to public safety.

At the professional things are different, with players exhibiting extraordinary levels of mental and physical accuracy, as well as an uncanny ability to perform and not buckle under pressure.

Crowds at the championship have become notorious. The vibe inside and out is festive, rowdy. But what sets the whole thing apart and makes it stand out is the fact that 99% of attending fans do so in all manners of fancy dress.

Don Haskins coach rivoluzionario

This series is a Juan José Ortiz Arenas visual diary of how a day at the Darts Unfolds.

Don Haskins coach rivoluzionario
Don Haskins coach rivoluzionario
PDC World Darts Championsip
Don Haskins coach rivoluzionario
PDC World Darts Championsip


Juan José Ortiz Arenas



September 17, 2020

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