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When cycling helps kids avoid a life of crime

Cycling is an expensive sport and often associated with privilege. Starting with the grassroots, Bonga Ngqobane and his organization Bonga Cycling Academy are hard at work to change this image and bring cycling to the townships and rural areas of South Africa.

Bonga invited the photographer duo Chad and Tashena for a ride with the kids and we were able to witness what a special program BCA is.

BCA is located in the impoverished township of Khayelitsha (just outside of Cape town) which is home to over 1 million people. It is estimated that more than 60% of young people here are unemployed. BCA’s main purpose is to socially develop children into becoming healthy and employable young adults in a safe environment while providing sport and recreational activities.

Although football is still the most popular local sport, many talented riders are emerging from South Africa and the youth have new heroes to look up to. Bonga, a former professional himself, already has a few success stories with former students making it to the professional ranks after being a part of his academy.

An after school program with a tutor helps to ensure the kids are learning and acquiring the skills needed to find work and avoid getting drawn into a life of crime and substance abuse. BCA is not only an after school training program but, with the help of investors, also provides the students (when possible) with bikes and equipment.

Bonga isn’t looking for notoriety, he just wants to bring awareness and make a difference in the lives of these kids.


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