MBOGI AMANI and the Evolution of African Cycling

The film supported by Brooks England that describes the hopes and dreams of cyclists in East Africa

Changing the face of cycling. The virtuous reality of the AMANI Migration Gravel Race, a race that has broadened the horizons of the best cyclists in East Africa, revolves around these words.

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Organized for the first time in Kenya in 2021, this event is intended to be the manifesto of an epoch-making sports transition, aimed at evolving the entire African cycling movement and breaking down barriers that for years have limited this discipline throughout the continent.

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The exciting film ‘MBOGI AMANI’, supported in its production by Brooks England, portrays this wind of change radiating from Team Amani and many other talented East African cyclists who, through their pedaling on gravel bikes, are looking to break into the global cycling scene.

This marvelous short film combines personal stories, endless red straights and evocative sunrises, making it clear how relevant two wheels are in these lands and how much room for growth this sport has in Africa. Enjoy.


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Text by Gianmarco Pacione


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