It’s the Flo-Jo style

Tribute to the world’s fastest woman and the world’s fastest style

On the 21st of September 1998 the fastest woman in history and speed designer Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner died at just 38 years old. This unforgettable star is still revered for 3 Olympic gold medals (Seoul ’88) and two world records (100 and 200 meters) that still observe all of mankind from above, but her legacy goes beyond these achievements. Her legacy also lurks in contemporary brands, trends, and collections.

Icon Collection Juventus

“I like to be unconventional,” Flo-Jo used to say before flying on the tartan and breaking the laws of physics and aesthetics. Because Flo-Jo was her own designer starting in high school, where she was able to dress her entire team, and was the anticipated connection between fashion and sports.

She was a colorful feeling of omnipotence, the histrionic leotards and ‘one-legger’ jumpsuits, the long nails and their psychedelic patterns, the lime green and fuchsia, the tons of jewelry and long, long hair. Flo-Jo was a style pioneer able to inspire entire generations of female athletes, from Serena Williams to Sha’Carri Richardson, showing them how personality and creativity shouldn’t be taboo for women athletes.

Twenty-five years after her incomprehensible and untimely death, we honor the memory of Florence Griffith-Joyner with a series of iconic shots and ten quotes that define her eclectic life philosophy. Ten, like her unattainable 10″49.

“I used to be teased for the way I wore my hair at school. I used to do things like wear a different-colored sock on each leg.”

“I couldn’t wait until I grew up. I used to look at my mom’s stockings and put them on with her high heels and mess with my hair.”

“Dress good to look good. Look good to feel good. And feel good to run fast!”

“I had been designing my own track uniforms since high school. After I retired from sports I continued to pursue fashion, launching my own line”

“Conventional is not for me. I like things that are uniquely Flo. I like being different.”

“It doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s what you believe you can do”

“I don’t look at myself as being famous. I look at myself as an athlete.”

“I believe in the impossible because no one else does.”

“When anyone tells me I can’t do anything… I’m just not listening any more.”



IMAGO / PCN Photography / WEREK

Text by:

Gianmarco Pacione



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